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Monday, May 14, 2012

Review of Web services

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Before we proceed further into WCF in future posts just let’s get a basic understanding on Web services.
Web Service is a web application which expose list of methods (business logic) over Network.
Web service uses 2 protocols.
HTTP: For transportation.
SOAP: For Messaging.
Using a Web service, different applications developed in different technologies can communicate, called as interoperability.
Sample Webservice:
Let’s create a sample web service in ASP.Net
Open Visual studio 2010 » File » New » Website » Select Visual C# Language » Select .Net Framework versions <4.0 » so we select 3.5 » select optional path required »
This creates a sample Helloworld service » Execute the website
» It displays the Service.asmx page with the hello world method » If you open that method » which further displays SOAP Messages with Envelope and Body in XML format.
See the diagram for reference


Limitations of Web service:
Web service can be hosted only on IIS.
Web services uses only HTTP Protocol.
Web service doesn’t provide compression of SOAP Messages.
Message Level Security is not provided by web services.
No reliable Transaction Management.

Microsoft and IBM has come up with Web service extensions like WS-Security, WS-Transactions etc.. which is different programming model.
So WCF is introduced which is unification of all these technologies with a similar programming model.
WCF is Framework introduced in .Net3.0 in year 2006.
We shall discuss detailed Architecture and implementation of WCF in future posts.

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