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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Can I replace space with Enter Key in Notepad

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In Notepad, can i use the "replace" feature to place a new line / carriage return in a document?

Many of us must have come across such situation
Can i use the replace feature in notepad to replace some character(in this case 4 spaces) with enter key / carriage return character?

You can't do it in Notepad, but very much easily in Word.

1. Select: Edit/Find then go to the Replace tab. On that screen, you may have to press the button that says "More"

2. Click onto the Find What field, then click the "Special" Button at the bottom of the Window. Select "White Space."

3. Click onto the Replace with field, then click "Special" Button again. This time, select "Manual Line Break."

4. Click the "Replace All" Button. That's it.

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