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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Combining Word Files in 2003/2004

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When working with information to be included in one document (e.g., sections of a report), you may find it easier to initially group the information into separate files. If so, you will need to later combine the files into a single final document. You can do this using the Copy and Paste functions or using the method described in this document.



In the file that will contain all files, place the insertion point where you want another file to be inserted

From the Insert menu, select File...
The Insert File dialog box appears.

From the Look in pull-down list, locate and select the file to be inserted

To insert the file as text, click INSERT
To insert the file as linked text, click theDown Arrownext to INSERT » select Insert as Link
Linking text allows you to easily update the inserted text if the linked document is still being edited.
When changes have been made to a linked document, right click the linked text » select Update Field.

To insert more files, repeat steps 1-4

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