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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Back up of messages from saved messages folders in Nokia

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Intro: I have seen many issue in many discussion forums regarding back up of
messages from saved messages folders

Sample Situation:
The phone performs well. Transfer of data / files from phone to PC and vice-versa are at their best. I have backed-up my contacts. I have also backed up messages from Inbox and Sent items. I had moved some messages from my inbox to the Saved Messages folder. The Saved Messages folder does not appear on the PC Suite. I'm not able to move the messages back to the inbox either- there is no option to do that. I created a new folder in the Saved Messages folder and noticed that it is visible in the phone browser on the PC.but when I moved messages into it and checked the browser on the PC, the new folder is still visible but the messages aren't. I need help in transferring those messages that are in the Saved Messages folder from the phone to the PC.

Visit Nokia website
And download the latest version of Nokia PC suite compatible to your mobile
and install it on to PC.

Connect your mobile to PC and then in Nokia PC suite click on messages , it takes more time to load if messages are more...
I tried this with Nokia 5130 Express music and it worked well ... Hope u try it
Happy browsing....

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